CLEVER SOLAR DEVICES CASE: The financing dilemma of Startups


Bhishma Hernández, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur from Cirujales del Río, a small town in Soria of only 22 inhabitants recalls how his time at Hewlett Packard inspired him to develop, in early 2019, a brilliant idea.

His strong innovative capacity made him realize that his career in a multinational was limited, so he decided to explore new sectors and, after his master's degree in renewable energies, he developed a brilliant idea, although with a major limitation; he did not have all the necessary resources to carry it forward.

After overcoming the vicissitudes of starting his venture, in November 2020, his project was able to generate the first cash flows and have a team of seven people who accepted the formula of phantom actions as a form of remuneration, as well as flexible forms of teleworking and Interim Management format. The formula has been a success and it is estimated that the value of the company in 2021 will be at least 2 million euros.

Bhishma reflects on what he has learned from his entrepreneurial experience and questions: When is the ideal time to set up a company? How to go from entrepreneur to businessman? How to manage the risks of loss of control in the face of the entry of capital? What financing mechanisms to apply without losing control of the company or the illusion of the idea that gave rise to it? When to patent, to protect the ownership of the idea in the process of its presentation?