What is the difference between micro-inverters or power maximizers and our solution?

Both in inverters and power maximizers, the exposed values refer to a single point: the point of production. There are indirect techniques that try to estimate the performance of your facility this way but they are extremely affected by climatic conditions. In both cases, it is necessary to measure in a manual way.

Clever Dx works by measuring values from full IV value curve of your solar photovoltaic module, thus showing you an exact view of what is going on in each of the modules of your power plant. This will enable you to make decisions.

It is like an ill person that goes to the doctor's to be diagnosed with a blood test. Clever Dx would be the blood test

Where can I find CLEVER Dx? What is its distribution channel?

We are working to help you take advantage of the Platform CLEVER Dx in your photovoltaic power plant. Contact us and we will be pleased to tell you where you can find the nearest selling point.

If you are a distributor, you might be interested in working with us. Shall we talk about it?

What is its price?

It all depends on the number of units you are interested on installing.

Please give us a number, and we will be pleased to give you an approximated price thanks to our Online Calculator

Is it compatible with every installation and panel?

Our device is connected through the standard MC4 connectors which every photovoltaic module has. It is connected straight away and after connecting it, you will be able to install power maximizers, inverters or other panels in series.

The technical characteristics that your solar photovoltaic module must have are these:
Voc < 60V | Isc < 11A | Pmax < 400 W

How is it installed?

The installation is quite simple and it is completed in three easy steps:

  • Connect the electronic device to the connectors of your solar photovoltaic module.
  • Adjust your WiFi network provided that it needs to be directly connected.
  • Your data will be automatically displayed in your screen from our platform.
Is it available in my country? When will it be available?

We are working to make our platform available in all EU countries as well as in other continents.

If you have a special necessity, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will search the best way to meet your demands.

Is CLEVER Dx valid for all types of power plants?

Yes, it is. Since it is necessary to keep up energy production in any kind of facility, the Platform may be used in Utility production plants, in commercial and industrial facilities as well as in distributed systems of small photovoltaic energy producers like residential.