How CLEVER Dx can help you

Nowadays the control and maintenance of solar photovoltaic solar energy power plants are manual or thermography-based, which are inefficient, costly and hard to scale.

Our Clever Dx solution will allow you to detect remotely and on real time any failure your production plant may have. It will also diagnose the failing modules without having to interrupt your production at any time.

Clever Dx will give you

  • An intelligent diagnosis: you will be perfectly aware of the state of you module on real time.
  • Efficient logistics: our operator will send you trained personnel to repair the detected failure whether it is due to technical dysfunctions or for cleaning purposes.
  • Easily scalable: our system allows to scale easily by configuring the access to your devices avoiding extra costs on infrastructures.


Know how Operation and Maintenance digitalization in solar photovoltaic modules can help you to reduce costs, to be more competitive and have access to new businesses.

We propose to use and takes full advantage of Artificial Intelligence.


Our CLEVER Dx Platform is composed by

  • An electronic device which will be attached to every module to obtain information about its performance on real time.
  • A web Platform that will enable you to fully manage your photovoltaic production plant easily thanks to the Artificial Intelligence we make available to you.

Web Platform

Within the CLEVER Dx Web Application we give access to interactive graphics created from each module’s data analysis. This information will enable you to make decisions remotely in an efficient way via reducing intervention time thus improving your production.

CLEVER Dx and IV Curves

IV Curves are characteristic to each of the solar photovoltaic module. We need to measure them to know in an unequivocal way in what situation each of the modules is and be able to proceed in case a problem arises.

The IV Curves that we offer in our platform are differential from our competitors.

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